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Best Winter Gear for Kids!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Some time recently a friend asked for my recommendations for kid winter gear, so thought I'd share here too, just in case it's helpful for others. This winter we will be outside A LOT, whether my kids want it or not (!!!), so good winter gear is a must.

These are all tried & tested winter items that have worked for us over the years.

I try to go for the best quality for price wherever possible, and try to buy neutral colors, so they can be passed down. Some of the items might seem pricey, but it's really an investment, as the snow jackets, pants, boots, hats, gloves etc have gone through 3 of my kids for several winters without breaking, and that is a miracle in itself ;)

As always, would love to hear your recommendations too!

Columbia kids snow pants & jacket

Bog Ashley Boots

Seriously the BEST boots - for winter, spring & fall

Winter Hat with large flaps

So important to be able to be able to tie the hat on!

Best winter mittens for kids

These seem pricey, but we have been through SO many mittens to try to find the *perfect* pair, and these have won. Designed in Canada with the coldest winters in mind, insulation that is warm but not bulky, and maybe the BEST freaking thing is that there are no thumb holes to fight with! They also go OVER the jacket, and then have toggles to keep the snow out. We have tried the ones that go up the arms on the inside, and they just never work for us.

Neck warmer/gaiter

Kid merino wool ski socks

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