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Why Social Media is important in 2020...

Social media. Love it, hate it, it doesn’t matter - it is a huge part of the way we communicate in 2020. Political campaigns are fought and lost on social media, revolutions are organized, people stand up, speak up and come together.

Yes, of COURSE there is a dirty side. Of course there are the parts of negativity, of comparisons, trolls & haters - but this is not going to stop social media leading the way for a new kind of democracy.

I have heard from countless women who have changed their lives through social media - whether that is with the support of other mums as a new mama, new medical diagnosis for your kid, and where is the first place you go to find your tribe? Launching a new business - you bet your bottom dollar there will be a big Instagram launch. Looking to amplify women of color? Where better to do it than Instagram?

My point is that social media does not have to be this evil spawn where we allow it to make us feel like crap.

Follow someone that makes you question your parenting (in a bad way…I think we’ve all learned that it is a GOOD thing to question our behaviors)? Unfollow them.

Follow someone who makes you feel like you should have 9 abs 3 weeks after giving birth? Unfollow and block!

Follow someone who is gaslighting the black community? Unfollow, block & report

Only YOU have control of your social media vibe - make sure it elevates you to your highest level, and the people on it make you feel EMPOWERED. And who share stupid pictures of themselves at 5am, just to make you feel better about your own bedhead look ;)

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