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Should I Get Genetic Testing?

Well, this is a very personal question & answer. But for me, I know that I am a *total nerd* when it comes to health, fitness, nutrition etc. and I LOVE to see the numbers. Whether it is how many steps I have walked, tracking my sleep (REM, how long it took me to fall asleep, HR, temperature…ALL the things!), food intolerances (hello ONION!), and now looking at my health through my genetics. When SelfDecode contacted me to see if I would be interested in learning more about personalized health recommendations based on my DNA, you know I was interested!

How do you test for genetic conditions?

SelfDecode sent me out a really simple DNA kit (a LOT easier than a COVID test to be honest!), I sent it off in an envelope, and within 6 weeks I got access to dozens of health recommendations on their easy to use website, based on my genes.

I’m able to log on to their website, generate the wellness reports that I’m interested in (anything from kidney stones to cardiovascular health to anxiety), wait a few moments, and then get my geek on!

The wellness reports state my genetic risk factor for the condition that I have selected, based on a percentile of the population, provide recommendations to best avoid or manage that condition, and explain what the condition is. All the information you need is right there! I can then add the prioritized recommendations into my regimen, so I can have all the information & recommendations in 1 simple place. Stupid simple. That’s what I like!

So, is it worth getting that genetic testing done?


I learned that I am at very high risk (98th %) for anxiety & managing stress - surprise surprise ;) I have always known that I struggle with feeling anxious, but have always blamed myself, thinking I could do something better. Knowing that my genes & DNA actually make me HIGHLY likely to struggle with this, actually takes a LOT of the pressure off, and removes my self-blame. Thank you Self Decode for that!

I also learned that I am at an elevated risk for gout (75th%) and highly elevated risk (98th%) for gall stones, something I would NEVER have imagined being a thing for me, and something that I will look out for in future years.

Not only do I now know what to look out for and alert my medical providers to, I also have recommendations of ways to prevent these conditions based on an holistic approach (supplements, food recommendations, exercise, therapy). SelfDecode is a one stop shop for optimizing my mental & physical health, both now and in the future.

Highly recommend checking out their DNA kit and membership if you want to know what your genetic indicators tell you about your mental & physical health. Would also be a really cool present for someone who is curious about this stuff too.

If you want to find out your genetic risk factors and get 15% off their kits, use my code SIMPLYFIT15

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