Maintaining Wellness in Times of Isolation - Part 2

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I’m so happy to be able to welcome back Nadene Hawker from The Lost Trimester, calm coaching for mummies experiencing postnatal anxiety and depersonalization. Nadene has been featured on Elle online, so pretty stoked to be able to share her wisdom with you lovely ladies too.

This post is part 2 of 3 writing about managing wellbeing in times of isolation. Pretty damn important right now! Feel free to share with any and all important people in your life!

Nadene shares three more of her tips and techniques to help anyone struggling with anxiety whilst in isolation.

Switch the lights on in the room of your fears

Avoiding painful emotions is like going straight to bed after a hefty meal - you’re going to get mental indigestion!

As hard as it might be, it’s really important to digest your pain, to sit with it, and not let those feelings build up into negative energy. I promise you, if you don’t process those feelings, they will bite you on the bum at some point in time and usually when you are at your most vulnerable.

I personally found talking therapy, hypnotherapy and journaling to be