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My very humble advice on how to handle the fear around the current pandemic…

I’m pretty sure that the reason that so many people are facing such anxiety is because of the unknown around this virus. That + the hyped up media places us in fight or flight mode, so our brain shuts down and our survival instincts go into overdrive.

First off - how do you usually react to fear or anxiety? Get to knowYOU during this time. What usually helps you handle those worries? And how worried are you now on a scale of 1-10? What do you fear the most?

Thinking of this and writing it down gets it all out of your head and on to paper. That’s always a good thing:)

*** Do these things more ***

The things that help you when you’re worrying…







Chat with friends


Watch a movie

FaceTime with a group of friends

Have a virtual wine night, and DON”T talk about Coronavirus!

*** Do these things less ***

- Stay away from the damn news. Especially the sensationalized news stations

- Go to credible news sources (and the CDC) twice a day. And that is it

- Consider a social media detox

- If you have friends that thrive in the drama (worry-porn), avoid them or tell them straight up that you just can’t do that right now

Oh, and don’t forget - let’s all wash our damn hands;)

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