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Why is mindfulness so important now?

Research shows that our kids’ mental health is in crisis, especially girls & kids who identify as LGBTQIA+

Kids are struggling, and I think we can see it. Even before the pandemic, feelings of sadness and hopelessness had increased tenfold among young people, but since 2020, this has only increased.


Some stress & worry is completely normal for teens - it is a time of great transition in their lives. But research shows that more and more, anxiety & depression is interfering with teens' ability to succeed, to cope and to go about their lives.


We see that young people are  are numbing their feelings with technology & social media. Kids who were once confident & settled are now dealing with feelings of anxiety & depression. 

It is clear then that our youth need help, so what can we do?

How can you help?


  • Listen. Don't try to fix, just listen. Being there for them, believing them and being on their side is sometimes all they need.

  • Ask questions & be involved in their lives, even when they push you away. 

  • Continue to hold technology boundaries for them. As much as they may want to numb their hard feelings with technology, it is so much healthier to feel & process the tough emotions.

  • Help them to learn (& practice!) tools for their mental health toolkit (like yoga, mindfulness, breathing)

  • Do not be afraid to seek professional help 


How I can help support you:

It is my mission in life is to empower & strengthen tweens & teens (especially those who identify as female or non-binary) in this world, through the medium of yoga, meditation, mindfulness & breath work.

I offer a myriad of services to meet your tween/teen where they are in life - whether that is 1:1 in person, self-guided, group classes. I want to set them up for success.


Why me?


  • I am an experienced yoga & meditation teacher (I trained with Rodney Yee) with over 10 years experience in the mindfulness field, 

  • I am specifically trained in the developing bodies & minds of childreen & teens with Cosmic Kids Yoga 

  • I lead highly acclaimed and sold out tween yoga classes, and tween yoga camps 

  • I have my own lived experience of anxiety, and creating the necessary toolkit to live alongside anxiety. I take care of my own mental health, so I can help you and your children strengthen theirs. 

The services I offer:

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