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Yoga Class

Of course as an organization, the holy grail is to have efficient, happy, focused, productive employees - but the million dollar question..."how do you get there?" How do you help your employees to feel intrinsically motivated, and not suffer from burnout, in this fast paced and demanding world? 


Well, there are whole fields of research fields focused on this, but directly linked to motivation in the workplace is what is known as mindfulness. This is our ability to stay focused yet flexible, to be aware of the internal and the external, and is a way of reprogramming the mind to think in a healthier, less stressful way. 


This article by the Harvard Business Review, shows that by encouraging employees to slow down actually increases their productivity. It seems counterintuitive, but slowing down actually increases employee’s resilience to stress, improves mental focus and better able to listen.


There are many ways to encourage mindfulness amongst employees, but research shows that the most effective way is a structured program in the workplace.


Louise Simply Fit offers individually curated packages for organizations in the US and beyond, based on your business' specific needs. Louise meets with your Human Resources department to determine the main challenges facing your employees, and curates a program just for you

Packages usually include yoga classes, guided meditations, breath techniques, body awareness exercises, mindfulness strategies, gratitude practices and more. The sessions can be in-person, on Zoom or pre-recorded.


If you are interested in offering this incredible benefit to your employees, please be in touch via email or phone, to talk more about your specific needs. 

Packages start at $150


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"Louise is absolutely fantastic! She came to our office and provided yoga and meditation sessions to our attorneys and staff. She really took the time to focus on the needs of office workers who sit at a desk majority of the day and created a agenda specifically for us. The feedback from those who attended was excellent and we are looking forward to having Louise host more sessions in our office. Would highly recommend!"

Katherine M - Latham & Watkins

"Louise was superb to work with. We hired her 3 times to curate a wellness program for our direct care staff, and she went above & beyond in providing resources, support & energy. The participants felt listened to, understood and were looking forward to working with Louise again in the future. We’ll definitely hire Louise again, and would highly recommend her for your organization”

Fiona H - WORK Inc.

"Louise was wonderful to work with. We look forward to working together again."

Dinah O - Fallon Ambulance Service

"Ms. Louise not only brought a mindful and meaningful experience to our school Wellness Day, she kept our enthusiastic learners engaged in well-prepared, fun and creative activities. We look forward to inviting Louise Simply Fit back in the future!"

Julie F - St. Agnes School

"We loved working with Louise to provide resources for our carers who are often overwhelmed and burned out. Louise was professional, quick to respond and a pleasure to work with. She gave our carers real-life stuff they could actually use to feel more grounded and calmer. Would definitely recommend her."

Nadene H - FeelCare Domiciliary Services 

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