Of course as an organization, the holy grail is to have efficient, happy, focused, productive employees, right? But how do you get there? How do you help your employees to feel intrinsically motivated, and not suffer from burnout, in this fast paced and demanding world?


Well, there are whole fields of research fields focused on this, but directly linked to motivation in the workplace is what is known as mindfulness. This is our ability to stay focused yet flexible, to be aware of the internal and the external, and is a way of reprogramming the mind to think in a healthier, less stressful way. 


This article by the Harvard Business Review, shows that by encouraging employees to slow down actually increases their productivity. It seems counterintuitive, but slowing down actually increases employee’s resilience to stress, improves mental focus and better able to listen.


There are many ways to encourage mindfulness amongst employees, but research shows that the most effective way is a structured program in the workplace.


As a Meditation Practitioner, I offer individually curated packages for organizations in the US and beyond, based on your specific needs. I will meet with your Human Resources department to determine the challenges facing your employees, and curate a program just for you

Packages usually include guided meditations, breath techniques, body awareness exercises, mindfulness strategies, gratitude practices and more. The sessions can be in-person, over video conference call or pre-recorded.


If you are interested in offering this incredible benefit to your employees, please be in touch via email or phone, to talk more about your specific needs. 

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