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Is the desire to slow down actually causing more stress?!

I read posts and articles and blogs all about the importance of slowing down, taking a break, doing less…

I see the importance of it….

I believe in the importance of it…

But I also see that it puts even more pressure on those of us still with small kids, several kids, several intense kids. So is the desire to slow down actually causing more stress?!

Because where is the space to slow down?!

The *only* way our family can slow down, and reduce the intensity level is with devices, and I just don’t want to do that all the time (although believe me, there is certainly a place for them, and that is every day chez nous…!).

So I’m re-shaping (for us) the dogma of slowing down.

For me (with several intense, noisy, beautifully unique little people), slowing down will mean…

  • scheduling less things

  • putting less expectations on myself

  • Being out in nature more. Again, with less expectations.

  • Being present, instead of trying to be elsewhere in my head.

  • Less multi-tasking.

  • Saying no to things I don’t want to do.

Are you up for re-creating the idea of slowing down, and making it work for you and your family? For ditching the idea of the perfect mental health set-up, and just basically being kind to yourself?

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