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How your energy changes with the seasons, & how to adjust

Does you notice your energy change with the seasons?

I’ve been thinking recently about the changing seasons, and how I never really payed much attention to how it affected me emotionally or my energy levels. I always just wanted to push on regardless, and didn’t acknowledge that for thousands of years our bodies and moods and productivity have changed with the seasons.

Why now in 2021 does it have to be soooooo different? Why do we have to be as productive AF 365 days of the year?

Why do we have to push ourselves to the brink ALL the time?

Our bodies were not designed for this. Life was not meant for this.

I’m realizing that it is one of the greatest gifts to rest and recuperate in the autumn and winter, and awake refreshed and ready for hustle again in the spring and summer.

I’m not saying hibernate or stop life. Obviously that is not possible with jobs and families and ALL the things. I’m just saying, think about it. Think about allowing yourself to sleep until the sun rises if you can, without guilt. Allow yourself to feel nourished and cozy through these darker months.

Tell me if you agree or disagree. I genuinely want to know!

And here are 5 ways that I am allowing myself to adjust through the changing seasons:

  1. I am allowing my sleep schedule to adjust. Instead of pushing to wake up at 5am still every day, I'm planning for more rest, to adjust to daylight savings, to adjust to darker days and colder weather.

  2. Drink more water. Contrary to what we may think, our bodies become more dehydrated in the colder months, with increased heating, and our body's thirst response is almost half of what it is in the summer. I drink lots of warm water and lemon, and aim for about 75oz a day.

  3. I crave and allow for comfort foods. Salads just seem like the worst idea in the world to me as the weather gets colder! So prepping lots of soups and chili, and freezing it in batches for when I can't be bothered to cook (many days tbh ;)), and drinking winter tea (hot water, lemon, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon)

  4. Be active in ways that nourish me. I know that being active makes me feel good physically and mentally, so this is a year round non-negotiable. But it's OK to adjust the ways I want to be active. Walking, hiking, running, yoga, indoor cycling - these are all things that make me feel good in the winter months.

  5. Dry skin brushing. Not only does this kickstart the lymphatic system, it is also killer for dry skin - SO important to me in the winter months, as my skin literally flakes off!

How do you adjust in the winter months?

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1 Comment

Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker
Nov 17, 2021

Now I like the idea of dry skin brushing! Also, the winter tea. Yum!

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