Graphic Novels for Badass Tween Girls

My 9 year old adores graphic novels. She devours them in a way that a book loving mama could only dream of!

So on this quiet Sunday morning I did a deep dive of all of the most empowering, badass, diverse, international graphic novels that I could find. I added links to Amazon for the books, as some of them were a little difficult to find. Also, just to be totally upfront, these are affiliate links, so if you purchase using these links, I get a tiny little percentage of the amount ;)

OK, so the books....

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New Kid





El Deafo

When Stars Are Scattered

Roller Girl


All together now

Best friends

Real friends


Babysitters club

March trilogy

phoebe and her unicorn book series


Invisible Emmie

The last kids on earth


Wings of fire

Positively Izzy

Sunny side up

Rapunzels revenge

Babymouse tales from the locker

Zita the space girl


Ozma of Oz

The secret science alliance

Olympians series

little robot

diana princess of the amazons


olga and the smelly thing from nowhere

lunch lady

bessie coleman - daring stunt pilot

anne of green gables

star scouts

the courageous princess

the amelia rules collection

shirley and jamila save their summer

princess: save yourself

witches of brooklyn

cici’s journal - the adventures of a writer in training

one trick pony

stepping stones


nat enough


just jaime

alia’s mission - saving the books of Iraq

donut the destroyer

all’s faire in middle school

the babysitter’s club - graphic novel set

the okay witch


annie sullivan and the trials of Helen keller


the wonderful wizard of oz

moon girl and devil dinosaur

the amulet


all summer long

becoming RBG


be prepared

go with the flow

fish girl

astronauts - women on the final frontier

a wrinkle in time

baba yaga’s assistant

the unbeatable squirrel girl

athena - grey eyed goddess

princess princess ever after

anne frank - the anne frank house authorized graphic biography

lily renee, escape artist

And would absolutely love for you to share any that I have missed here!

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