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100+ Empowering & Diverse Fiction Books for Pre-Teen Girls

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Original post published: 9/27/20

Edited: 1/21/22

My almost 11 year old girl ADORES reading, and this book loving mama couldn't be happier about that fact!

And while I love the fact that she eats up horse novels, horse graphic novels, horse magazines (see the pattern here?!), I also want to ensure that she is learning about the world around her through reading. Because there are so many important (and potentially challenging) themes that can be introduced to our children through fiction, and which then make a beautiful platform to be able to talk about different topics.

I've done a deep dive into some of the most empowering, badass, diverse, international graphic novels & fiction books that I could find for the 9-12 year old age range.

I added sections to help with themes, and added links to Amazon for the books to make your job easier (to be totally upfront, these are affiliate links, so if you purchase using these links, I get a *tiny* percentage of the amount...).

I would LOVE your feedback too, so if there are any areas that you think are missing from here, or if you have a favorite book for kids - please let me know!

So what books should my pre-teen be reading?

Empowering Journals For Girls

Empowering Books For 9-12 year old girls

Books on Friendships For Pre-Teen Girls

Books on Family Difficulties for Kids

Books on Bullying For Tweens

Books on Disability and Feeling Different

What The Wind Can Tell You (written by our amazing 4th grade teacher!)

Books That Make it Cool to be Different For Tweens

Books on Neurodiversity For Kids

Books that Tackle Mental Health For Tweens (Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD)

Books about Diversity for 10-12 year olds

Racism & Stories by People Of Color for Tweens

Books that Introduce Ideas About Gender to Pre-Teens

Self-Acceptance & Body Image Books for Tween-Girls

LGBTQ Books for 8-12 year olds

Fiction Books about Puberty for Tween Girls

Teaching Pre-Teens about Consent

Books Celebrating the Bravery of Kids

Books on War and Stories of Survival for Pre-Teens

Adventure Books for Pre-Teens

Books about Grit, Resilience and Perseverance for Tweens

And I would absolutely love for you to share any that I have missed here!

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