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Empowering Bookmarks Printable

March is National Women's History Month in the US, and there are so so many incredible women that we can choose to celebrate. And MANY more who we can choose to learn about.

In my tween yoga classes, we will be leaning into empowering the students through celebrating strong & influential women in their lives, starting of course with themselves!

A fun and empowering activity we did in class this week, was to choose some really inspiring quotes from women across the world, and making them into bookmarks. The students chose the quote that resonated with them the most, then decorated and laminated the bookmark. They will then have a lovely reminder of this quote every time they open their books.

It's the little things in life sometimes, which make the biggest impact over time.

Download this PDF, print it out, and color them in with your kids (or even just for you!!). It is great if you can laminate it, but if you don't have that option, I have used clear packing tape to create a protective layer, which works perfectly

Please feel free to share this printable, with other empowered people in your life!

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