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5 Boardgames Your Tween Will Love


I'm a total board game nerd, and love nothing more than a good games night!


My tween is sometimes hard to please...

“That’s boringggggg”

“No WAY am I playing that”

"EURGHHHH *eye roll*"

As a parent who still wants to connect with their tween, the struggle is reallll!

But, family games night is one of those times that I feel like we really can long as we have the right game. And when we do connect, it feels extra special because it doesn’t happen as much anymore.

Here are our 5 FAVORITE games to play on family games night. They are 11 year old approved (!!) and 5 & 7 year old (AND husband!) also love them.

** I’d love to hear if you have any games that your tween loves to play too **

God speed!

What Games Are Fun for 11 Year Olds?

This dart board works surprisingly well! I’m always dubious of things like this, whether they’ll actually work properly - but this one is brilliant. We always laugh so much when we play, and that is always a good thing.

This game is a total family favorite. My sister discovered it when she was living in Nepal about 10 years ago, and they would have rolling black outs every day to preserve the power supply. They had to get creative with entrainment, and the Parker obsession with Monopoly Deal was born!

The beauty of this game is that it takes significantly less time to play than the regular monopoly, you get to be strategic, but really anyone can win.

I mean, what tween doesn’t love a pop-it right?! And you get to introduce chess in a fun, low-stakes way (essential for my tween at least)

Just flipping hilarious. Enough said!

Fun game for the whole family! You can play with teams for the littler kids, and make the rules harder for the big kids. Tests your memory, makes you think and hilarious!

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Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker
30 sty 2022

What a great post Louise! Some good ideas here.

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