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10 Things That Have Just Made My Life Better Recently

I have been getting lots of tight muscles lately, and this just quite honestly feels divine on those stressed out muscles.

It took me YEARS to get on the weighted blanket train, and I wish it hadn't. I have never ever slept or napped so well as I do with this blanket. There is lots of science behind it (check that out here) which always gets me going!

If you're going to invest, go for 10-15% of your body weight. I weigh 125lb, and have a 15lb blanket.

While we're on the topic of comfort and sleeping, you need a Squishmallow in your life. Sounds crazy I know, but these are the absolute softest, cuddliest, non-pillow pillows you will ever try.

And it's a sloth. How can you not?!

Noise cancelling headphones are a dream. I wear them when I just need to take the edge off the kids (don't judge me!), when I want to really be able to focus on a meditation, or when I'm just listening to a really good song.

Plus, my kids have been using them to be able to focus on their schoolwork. Winning. Plus, these are a fraction of the cost of some of the more expensive ones beginning with B!

You're probably thinking blah blah blah, I don't need a phone stand. That's what I thought too. Then I bought one for my mum, and was completely sold. This thing is just so well made, and means that you can charge it in the horizontal position, while still FaceTiming. Genius!

And now some books that my kids and I have been reading recently. Highly recommend every single one of them.

Have you watched the Bear Grylls Adventure Series on National Geographic? Basically, it's a British ex-Navy Seal (but the British equivalent!), who goes on these epic 2 day adventures with usually a celebratory. During lockdown, we've made it a tradition to watch it with the kids, and it has been SO fun. And now the books!

Love love love this book for the 3-7 year old crowd. It is such a perfect way to talk about how we can help each other out, be a good friend, random acts of kindness - it touches upon everything. Highly recommend daily reading!

An empowering book for the 5th-8th grade crew. I love how real it is, and my daughter can really relate to it. It certainly helps her to feel bold and brave!

At this time in history where we are homeschooling, we are pushing every day to learn more and more about African American culture and history, and learn about what really happened in the US 100s of years ago - this is an incredible book for that. My husband and I are both immigrants to the US (Canada & UK respectively), and so we don't have the US history knowledge from school. This book ladies, this book!

Bought this book yesterday, and it arrived today (say whattt?! It's been a few months since something like that has happened)

Anyhoo, graphic novels about the inside story of the civil rights movement. We are done learning just about the history of this country that the education system wants us to learn about (I include both the UK & US education systems here). Give it a read, and bonus - graphic novels are always highly accepted by my kids :)

The work starts here. Every. Single. Day. Because black lives really do matter.

I want to hear about YOUR favorite things too! I know we all have these random things that we just couldn't live without, share yours with me :)

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