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Mindfulness has been shown to benefit pretty much every area of our lives - from being able to enjoy each moment, to decreasing stress, lowering blood pressure, to improving anxiety & depression.


When we regularly practice mindfulness, it becomes easier to be apply that mindfulness during stressful times, as well as times of ease. When your mind just wants you to freak the heck out, you can stay still. You can focus on what is happening here and now, instead of worrying about the future, and all the things that could possibly go wrong!


I promise you, the more you practice focusing on the present moment, the easier it becomes.


And you know what? You actually already do it so naturally, you just don’t even realize it. So now we just have to help you be more INTENTIONAL about it. More intentional about fitting it into your life, slowing down and listening to your body, and your intuition.


The optimal way to experience the benefits of mindfulness is with private, personalized support from a qualified teacher.


To get the full benefits of mindfulness, schedule a free, no pressure exploratory session today. 

To sign up for your free session, please email me and include a description of your current situation, and what changes you'd like to see.

If you are interested in proceeding after that initial consultation, l will prepare an individualized program that incorporates your needs, interests and budget (usually 8 to 16 weekly sessions). In these hourly private coaching sessions, you will learn about mindful awareness, compassion and insight, all of which are innate and available to you. 


Between sessions you will integrate mindfulness teachings and practices into your daily life, developing the skills and habits that bring the benefits of mindfulness home to you, every day. If you wish to continue private coaching sessions beyond our initial work, you can enjoy the discounted hourly coaching rate of $75 after completing the 8-16 week personalized program.


Mudra Meditation
Open Book


8 Week Package

  • Private meditation sessions

  • Self-discovery projects

  • Skills training

  • Worksheets

($99 per hr)


What's Included:

Mother and Baby on the Beach
Women Holding Hands

12 Week Package


($91 per hr)

Includes everything in the 8 week package PLUS:

  • Inner healing session,

  • Additional meditations,

  • Additional skills training

  • Additional worksheets

What's Included:

What's Included:

Includes everything in the 12 week package PLUS:

  • Mindfulness video,

  • Meditation for kids,

  • Private mastermind session with a team of wellness experts,

  • Spirituality video,

  • Additional meditations 

  • Additional inner healing sessions.

16 Week Package


($72 per hr)
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My one-on-one private coaching program will help you to feel more relaxed, focused and to dramatically reduce stress. This is where you will find the perfect meditation practice, catered 100% to you, wherever you are in the world. 

Like a personal trainer, I will also motivate you to build and continue a daily practice, so your life truly transforms through your meditation practice

The one hour private meditation sessions help to:

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase clarity, productivity & efficiency

  • Tap into your deep, natural insight

  • Experience how much easier it is to make better decisions, in all areas of your life

  • Increase feelings of wellness, gratitude & compassion

  • Access spirituality

Package of 10 Meditations 

Package of 5 Meditations 

Single Meditation


($74 per hr)



($89 per hr)
($99 per hr)



If you would like  to take advantage of a payment plan,

please contact me for more details.

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