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Beware comparison NOW more than ever!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We see everyone else’s stay at home story, and think “I should be doing more”, “their kids are so lovely together, why do mine have to scream all the time?!”, “she has her shit together way more than I do”

But lady - these are just tiny glimpses into every day.

The days are long AF at the moment. For all of us I think.

This picture looks adorable doesn’t it? A mum carrying her loving son on a walk. The sun is shining. The sweet boy rests his head on her shoulder.

Want to know what the reality was?!

I was still in my pajamas, head was pounding, Bodhi had an epic meltdown for 10 minutes of the walk, I ended up carrying him otherwise we would never get home, my arms were about to drop off, I wanted to cry.

Et voilá. Reality.

Mama - PROMISE me you will not compare your reality to someone else’s perfect grid?! We are all doing the absolute best we can with what we have right now. Just be you, do you, and all will be OK.

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