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10 Ways White People Can Help This Week. And It Doesn't Just Include A Social Media Blackout

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I promised myself this week that I would do better.

It’s not enough to educate my kids from my liberal, ultra-privileged standpoint. I commit to being anti-racist even (and especially) in situations that make me feel uncomfortable. With friends, with family, with neighbors, with co-workers, with whomever I come across.

And with that goal in mind, I made a list (because that's how I get started with everything!), collating some of the best IG posts and articles I have come across.

Obviously this is just a tiny number of them out there, so if you have some amazing ones, please feel free to share.

I am committed to doing my research, to owning my prejudices, to owning my own country's dire history when it comes to mistreating people from other countries, and to being open and honest about that.

I am also committed to doing this every day. Forever.

Racism will not thrive in this silence.

Tips on explaining race & racism to kids

How to talk to your kids about the killings

Documentaries that white people should be watching

What else are you doing other than a social media blackout?

Donate to the cause

Support Black Owned Businesses

Can’t afford a book to educate yourself on white fragility? Sara Pascoe will buy you one

11 things to do besides say “this has to stop” in the wake of police brutality

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