In today's rush, we all think too much-seek too much-want too much-and forget about the joy of just being." 






When I started out as a health coach over 4 years ago, I was focused primarily on helping women to feel empowered through their physical health & fitness. Through mentoring and coaching 100s of women over those 4 years though, I have learned that a holistic approach (mind, body & soul) is essential to feeling complete, to developing a healthier relationship with your own life and to becoming the woman you want to be. 

Enter building a holistic wellness practice.  I am now so proud to say that I can offer holistic resources for the whole family, including:


  • Games to improve self-confidence,

  • Kid friendly breath techniques,

  • Activities to build self-esteem,

  • Mindfulness games,

  • Personalized mindfulness coaching packages

  • Physical Fitness support (including online workouts for the whole family)

  • Nutrition guidance for adults and kids (including meal plans, 1:1 guidance, superfoods shake & other supplements)

  • Guided meditations


I am a busy mum of 3 little ones, so I particularly love working with other mums to make that holistic approach a reality. Because let’s be honest, there sometimes isn’t much time or energy left after taking care of everyone else! I get how hard it can be to prioritize themselves, how they can feel like they are never good enough in any area of their lives, how there just isn't anything left to give. I use my knowledge, my own experiences (good and bad) and my intuition to help them brainstorm strategies that will work for them.

If you are looking to feel more connected, or want more information on any of my services, please be in touch. I would love to walk this path with you! 


The meditation classes were perfect in length and so easy to follow for a beginner like me. There was no pressure to be perfect but to do what you can and learn to live in the moment.


For me personally the mindfulness meditation was fantastic, to not get lost in any of the days worries and to bring myself back in when I started to stress about things that did not matter. 

Anonymous, October 2019

Just wanted to tell you that you are such a great coach and a great inspiration.  Having parents like yours has surely helped you with this!  You have amazing energy, enthusiasm and you "walk the walk". 

It's not just talk. 

AND, whatever challenges you face, you still do it with a smile.  I'm in awe.  Just had my shakeology for breakfast (late).  Seriously love it.

Helen K. July 2018

Louise I just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me so my much. Since watching the  videos of you working out with the kids, I realized things don't need to be perfect. The kids might crawl on you and slap your ass, and that's ok!! I just wanted to share that. Thanks!!

Ashley M. November 2016

I haven't taken the time yet to thanks Louise, for her very helpful meditation workshop. Practicing your mini meditations made me take back some time for myself, which was much needed!

I joined the gym again, because when I made my mind stop thinking a little voice said I deserve to take care of myself too. This tiny little voice was buried under all my farm work, side work, family responsibilities, everyday stresses. Taking the time to look inward I was able to remember I have my goals too.

Thank you Louise for the opportunity to join in this awesome group of people.

Crystal Pacheco-Williams, November 2019


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