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Mindfulness For Mamas Workbook

Mindfulness For Mamas Workbook

Have you ever felt like you’re on a rollercoaster ride, with your kid as the boss?!


Flying oh so highhhhhhh when they’re doing well, and plummeting oh so lowwwwww when they are struggling….


What if I told you that you CAN create your own calm in the chaos?


What if I told you that you CAN feel in control of your own emotions, no matter how your kids are behaving?


What if I told you that you CAN do this without spending hours in meditation every day?


In this Workbook for real mums you will:


  • Create habits of reflection & self-awareness
  • Feel in control of your emotions AND your reactions
  • Learn techniques to keep you calm in the moment


Become the mama you want to be TODAY!


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