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Why is yoga so important for your tween?

  • Confidence 

  • Calming

  • Focus

  • Strength

  • Balance

  • Community

  • Service

  • Empowering 

  • Leadership

  • Self-awareness 

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In tweens & pre-teens yoga can create a sense of...

Tweens are amazing and they are awkward, and they are everything in between! They are über impressionable, and learning the concepts of yoga at this age can have huge lasting impacts throughout the teenage years.

In my tween yoga programs I combine yoga poses, games, dancing, techniques to manage stress, grounding meditations, fun ways to move their bodies, breath techniques to use when they are feeling overwhelmed, arts & crafts, empowering music, and SO much more. We do all of this in a fun way, because as much as our tweens want to be independent and mature, they also still love to play games!


Tween yoga programs are suitable for all levels, and everyone is welcome. Everyone is supported in the classes - from the confident to the shy, from the athletic to the non-athletic. I want every kid to leave feeling successful and supported. 

Before you sign up, why not see what other tweens & their parents are saying about the tween yoga classes, camps & programs....

"Louise's Tween Yoga is not your typical Yoga! It's a physical and spiritual experience that combines yoga poses, community services, friendships, laughter and much more. So happy I found this program for my ten year old daughter”

Chela, mom to 10 yo Tali 

"I love how we are all able to express

our emotions more now, and it is because 

of yoga classes I think"

Lali, age 10

I use the breathing exercises we learned 

when I am feeling anxious, No-one knows

I'm doing it, I can just use of the games in class,

and it calms me right down. It's my

own yoga superpower"

Devi, age 11

“My daughter signed up for the school play this year, after being too shy to do it in previous years. I think she signed up as a result of gaining confidence from your yoga!!”

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