Beach Meditation


Feeling burned out? Exhausted? Feel like you’re failing in every area of your life? Stretched too thin between balancing work & home life?


Mama - I see you. I know how that feels, and I am here to give you a stupid-simple, realistic, mum-friendly toolkit to start taking care of YOU holistically.


What this toolkit will give you is 4 weeks of short, simple and realistic meditations, breath techniques and yoga flows. All in 1 place, and all designed to help you thrive during this hard season. 


I want you to fill up your cup, because you DESERVE it mama! You work hard, and you need to take care of you. I am here to help you do that. 




Do you ever feel like you're drowning? Like no matter what you do, you just can't seem to find your balance?

You are not alone. Anxiety can be mentally & physically exhausting.


That is exactly why I created this simple but effective toolkit…

Research has shown that a mindfulness practice can have a huge impact on anxiety, but where the heck do you begin?!

Reading with Coffee

This toolkit will walk you step-by-step through a simple system to improve your anxious feelings in the moment, while also taking a bigger picture approach

I want you to feel nourished and balanced. I want to help you develop self-compassion and grace, with guided meditations, yoga flows, mindfulness techniques & breath exercises.

Newborn Baby



This new mom care package contains everything a new mom needs to nurture her own emotional and mental health in those first few exhausting weeks after giving birth. She will leave feeling empowered in her journey as a new mom, and gives her permission to take care of herself.

Containing guided meditations, mindfulness techniques and so much more.

Sleeping Baby

Each of the exercises contained in the toolkit are created to nourish the bond between new mom and baby, and to help the new mom make sense of all the new and crazy emotions she is feeling. 

Give this support package as a gift to the favorite new mama in your life, and know that your gift will stand out as the gift that keeps on giving!

Mountains Meet Lake



Are you interested in meditation, but you legit have NO idea where to start?!


How long do you need to meditate for? What even is meditation? Does it matter what time of day you meditate? How do you focus your monkey mind?


I will answer all of these important questions for you, and guide you to set up a healthy (but realistic!) meditation routine for life. 


Because meditation truly is a lifelong endeavor.

Meditating on Beach

I want to help you create your own calm in this crazy chaos.


I want to help you feel in control of your emotions


I want to help you do this without spending hours in meditation every day (because let’s be honest, not many people have that kind of spare time right?!)


And because these are crazy times we’re living in, this course is VIRTUAL, and can be done on your own time, from anywhere in the world. 

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