London – it is one of my favorite places in the whole world! While I love the tranquility of the woods, and the calm of the ocean, I also LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city!

I have so many incredible memories of living in London in my early 20s with my twin sister – we explored that city up and down, and I take every opportunity I can to go back now. Of course, it’s a little different now that I’m a mum of 3 little kids, so I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on what to do in London with kids, even if you just have 1 day to explore that beautiful city.

Firstly – don’t try to do everything! Seriously, London is BIG – obviously! – and it does take a long time to get around. If you try to do everything, you’ll just end up stressing and will end up seeing nothing!

Secondly – make a priority list of about 5 things you really, really want to see, and ensure you make it to those 5 – everything else will be gravy 🙂

Honestly, the thing my kids (7, 4 & 2) love the most about London is the double decker buses!! We could have just driven around in one of those all day and they would have been happy 🙂 Kids under 10 travel for free, so just buy an Oyster Card for the adults (or pay using a contactless card – correct as of January 2019) and you can travel pretty inexpensively.

The 2nd thing my kids loved was the underground! We travelled around pretty easily with 3 young kids, 2 adults and an umbrella stroller. We either used a lift (elevator) or I took the stroller on the escalators. It was quite the adventure, but the kids had a blast!

With young kids, going to Buckingham Palace was really fun. We took the tube to Green Station, which has lifts, and is a 5 minute walk through a lovely park to Buckingham Palace. The kids had chance to play in the park, we were able to have a picnic lunch and there was a local Pret A Manger with bathrooms. Perfect all around! 

We did happen to be at Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guards (which happens on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday) and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it with small kids. There are 10s of thousands of people there, we couldn’t see anything and it was a nightmare navigating the crowds with a stroller!

Go at any other time, and you’ll have a blast! And don’t forget to see whether the flag is raised, which means the queen is home.

A few other quick ideas that my kids have loved in London….

  • Covent Garden.
  • Piccadilly Circus + Regent Street.
  • Trafalgar Square.
  • Big Ben 
  • London Eye

If you have any tips or tricks on navigating London with kids, drop them below – I would love to get more ideas 🙂 

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