Mindful Mamas Masterclass

Mindful Mamas Masterclass

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Ever feel like you are white knuckling it through life?! Like you’re on the rollercoaster of your kids’ emotions and meltdowns?! Like you are just one freaking disaster away from completely losing your mind?!


What if I told you that you CAN create your own calm in the chaos?


What if I told you that you CAN feel in control of your own emotions?


What if I told you that you CAN do this without spending hours in meditation every day?


(because let’s be honest, as busy mamas we do NOT have that kind of spare time right?!)


You can learn all of these skills (because they are skills lady) in this stupid-simple 6 week coaching course. You will learn…


    • Self-discovery activities to help me create bespoke strategies, designed just for you
    • Meditation strategies to feel CALM IN THE CHAOS
    • Mindfulness exercises to do in the moment
    • 60 second worksheets 
    • Meditation videos to do on your own time
    • Weekly live Q&A session with a certified meditation practitioner 
    • You get to keep all course materials.


And because we all know that kid naps don’t always work out when we want them to, the course is VIRTUAL, and can be done on your own time. 


And lady, the whole course is designed with busy, frazzled mamas in mind, so my promise to you is that everything is efficient & supportive! 


The 6 week course started on March 23rd, and the full price is $199. But I know that during this super tough time, finances might be tight, so i am giving you 50% off. Coupon code is ZEN-MAMA-99


Sign up today lady, and CREATE CALM IN THE CHAOS! 

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