Meditation 101 Toolkit

Meditation 101 Toolkit

I want to help you nurture your own emotional and mental health needs during this crazy time. I know you probably can’t think of much right now beside the absolute necessities, but I want you to help you care for YOU too.


I’m a mom of 3, and have been empowering moms for years to manage their emotional, mental and physical health through really simple, short meditations, mindfulness exercises, breath techniques & support.


I want to help you survive this crazy season, and say no to everything that doesn’t serve you, but yes to the things that do. I want to empower you to choose YOU.


If you want to get the extra, real-life support from another mama, please click on the link in my bio & select, or just DM me. I got you lady. Packages starting at $27, and payment plans are available. 


This toolkit will give you the information you need to get started in your first month of meditation, and will provide you with a really stupid simple process to empower you to embrace mindfulness.

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