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This week US Weekly thought it would be a good idea to feature *Dude With Sign* telling people to stop posting their home workouts. Because it’s just so fun to make fun of people who are actually trying to keep their ISH together in healthy ways right now isn’t it?!

- This week I still engaged in emotional eating and drinking (yes, I am human😉)

- I boxed with my sister in Italy and my mum in England

- I ran once

- I did several kid workouts

- I lost my shit more than once

- I didn’t meditate as much as I would have wanted

It’s been a rollercoaster of a week, but I can say that 1 week in to my new boxing program, I have a solid support system of ladies to kick my arse into gear, my kids are LOVING doing the boxing moves, and I’m already feeling stronger mentally and physically. 

Oh, and as funny as I think *DUDE WITH SIGN* usually is, I give zero fucks about this one. Because I know that by sharing my workouts and my kids’ workouts, I am inspiring at least one person, and I hope that I am not making *anyone* feel bad about their choices. Because honestly, we all just have to do us right now right?!

If you want to join me for this boxing program (or any other workout program actually), just send me a message, and i’ll send you a link for 2 weeks for free.

And if you already have home workouts, keep posting your workouts pics if that’s your jam - you are inspiring people even if you don’t know it!

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