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I recognize that I’m privileged AF...

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I recognize that I’m privileged AF (on so many levels) to even be thinking of the silver linings of this global pandemic, but here are just a few of the many amazing things that have come out of the last 21 days of staying home…

  • We have daily FaceTime story time, alternating with the grandparents & Aunty Sarah

  • The whole family are now communicating through WhatsApp, Marco Polo, Zoom, FaceTime and iMessage ;)

  • The kids are creating in ways they never have done before. Amara bakes every day, Finlay & Bodhi are in insane imaginative mode

  • We’re learning crazy new technology at lightning speed

  • I have been boxing with my sister in Italy and my mum in England via video every single day

  • I have a new appreciation of living in a safe, comfortable, loving household. My heart breaks for families, kids, women who don’t feel safe at home, and are now forced to be there 24/7 indefinitely

Tell me some more good things that have come from this disaster....

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