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Gift Ideas For Tween Girls

Are you looking for unique gift ideas for the pre teenage girl in your life? Gifts that will put a smile on her face, and will make you look like you're cool again?!

I have compiled a list of the gift ideas that the 20 preteen girls in my tween yoga class told me they would LOVE to receive for Christmas this year. Apparently this list is what tweens are interested in in 2021. You're welcome! **Also, all these gift ideas will arrive before Christmas. **

Best gifts for tween & preteen girls in 2021

LED lights for bedroom

Unbelievably popular for tweens & teens alike. Buy these & they will love them for years.

LED lights for bike wheels

Fun AND safe?! Winning!

Bombas socks

These socks are AMAZING, all my yoga girls adore them.

Fun Family Yoga Program for the Holidays

OK fine, I added this one! But this is an amazing way to reconnect with your tween this holiday season. Designed to be fun, engaging & educational for the whole family.


Because they can NEVER have enough pop-its apparently!


Same goes for squishies...

Heatable plushie

In tween yoga we talk about our favorite ways to calm down, or to feel good. This was one of the top ways the tween girls listed to feel good. There is just something about the comfort of cuddling something warm.

Velvet hair scrunchies

These are adorable, affordable and awesome.

Polaroid camera

Taking it old school, but with a modern twist.

VSCO Stickers

The pre-teen girls I work with go CRAZY for these stickers. They are suitable for water bottles, folders, and so much more.

Mum/daughter journal

OK, I added this one too! But I have been doing this journal with my 10 year old daughter for a couple of years, and it has been such a nice way to stay connected through the tween years.

Hot chocolate bomb molds

These are such a unique gift idea, and something 10 year olds can easily have fun with.

If you have any other gift ideas for 10-12 year old girls, I would LOVE to hear them. Comment them below!

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