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How Did I stand Up...?!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Every time this picture comes up in my FB memories, i can’t help but share it💁🏻‍♀️

A few thoughts...

1. How the heck did I even stand up without falling over?!

2. This is why I was in constant pain for the last month or so of pregnancy

3. This is what a 10lb baby inside a 5ft2 mum looks like

4. I worked out right up until the day before I gave birth. How?!

5. THIS right here is why my stomach skin is so stretched and warped (I mean…*HOW* could it not be?!)

So, here’s to remembering, to reliving, to respecting my body for allllll of the amazing things it has done (and continues to do), and for loving every inch of it.

And here’s to trusting the process. Because honestly, it’s not about losing the baby weight within a month. It’s not about getting into your old skinny jeans before your first postpartum appointment.

It’s about knowing that by treating your body like a temple (a temple that occasionally needs chocolate, wine, pizza...), by playing the long game, by working out, by FUELing it not punishing it - we really can feel amazing again.

And yes, we’ll always be changed, but isn’t that a beautiful thing? The female body is absolutely miraculous in its ability to grow and birth a small (or not so small!) human, and that is what we have to remind ourselves.

I hope that by sharing MY journey, I can give hope to and inspire other pregnant and postpartum mamas.

If you are looking for some extra support, home workout programs and meal plans that work (ie don’t cut out complete food groups, don’t leave you starving, allow for pregnancy and breastfeeding) reach out lady. I have been there - let’s walk this path together😘

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