You’re a new mom.


You just birthed (or welcomed) an incredible bundle of joy.


This baby is yours.


They depend on you for everything.


And they are so perfect.


And it is equal parts absolutely incredible and absolutely terrifying!


What I want to say to you is 








Stop thinking about what everyone else is telling you to do, and look inside yourself. Mama - you already know the answers, your gut is talking to you, you just have to trust and listen. 


Put everyone else on mute (especially the judgey ones - you know who I mean!), and turn up the sound on your own intuition.

And lady - I want you to start with this. The 3 things that I wish I had known before I had babies. The 3 things that you can't get on your baby registry! Click here to get completely free access to my stupid simple guide.


And if you need more support through this beautiful but challenging season, please reach out. I have worked with new moms for many years, in a holistic capacity, and I am here to support YOU as a new mama.


You have so many people who are looking out for your baby, I am here to look out for YOU! Reach out today lady.


 1 Month 


Care Package

What's Included:


  • Video support (on your own schedule, because babies rarely cooperate with a phone call schedule!)

  • Expert real-life & realistic support

  • Provide tools to empower you as a mother

  • Short mindfulness exercises to help ground you when you are feeling anxious

  • Short meditations on self discovery, aid in connecting with your baby, understanding your new role as a mother, improving your confidence & listening to your intuition

  • Small group connections - meet new parents & build new friendships

3 month 


Care Package

What's Included:


Everything that is included in the 1 month plan, PLUS:


  • Postpartum exercise plan (for months 1, 2 & 3)

  • Nutrition plan (which can include breastfeeding or any other dietary considerations)

(savings of $28)

Everything that is included in the 1 month plan, PLUS:


  • Fitness support for 6 months, including weekly check-ins, & group support

  • Program to repair diastasis recti

What's Included:

6 month 


Care Package


(savings of $50)

If you would like  to take advantage of a payment plan,

please contact me for more details.


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