My Body is a Vessel

This body is a vessel for who I am. It isn’t WHO I am, but it is a vessel. This body has seen 5 pregnancies, 2 miscarriages, 1 D&C, 3 24+ hour labors, 3 births, 7 marathons, countless half marathons, even more 10ks. It has seen me gain and lose ~50 lbs 3 times. It

2011 Louise ‘v’ 2018 Louise

Looking at these 2 pictures makes me happy. Why? ⁣ ⁣Because I can see the INCREDIBLE difference in confidence between 2011 Louise and 2018 Louise. ⁣ ⁣Uncomfortable ‘v’ confident⁣ Dieting ‘v’ clean eating⁣ Anxious mum ‘v’ seasoned AF mum⁣ Proud ‘v’ vulnerable ⁣ ⁣This weekend my girls and I had a photo shoot on the

The Summers Are Long But The Years Are Short

It breaks my heart to think that we only have around 10 summers with our kids when they actually *want* to spend time with us. Has this summer been perfect? Nope! Have I kept my cool every day? Nope! Have I tried to be thankful and present every day? Yes! Have I succeeded every day?

Each Of Us Shines In A Different Way

We have full time mamas We have full time workers We have doctors We have students We have women We have men We have people who are 100lbs We have people who are 250lbs We have people right at the beginning of their fitness journey We have bikini comp peeps We have cardio lovers We

We All Struggle Sometimes

Sometimes I struggle. Actually, more often than not I struggle. BUT THAT IS OK. We lead chaotic lives, we have 3 intense, energetic kids and to think that life is going to be different right now, to try to change it or hide from it, would just make me feel worse I think. So yes,

10 Tips For Running With A Stroller

I’ve been running with a stroller off and on for 7 years now. I’ve run with babies, toddler, pre-schoolers, 1 kid, 2 kids, I’ve run while being super fit and super un-fit, pregnant and non-pregnant. You might say I’m an expert…although I definitely haven’t achieved 10,000 hours yet.. (ever read that book?!) Anyhow, here are

Let’s Talk Network Marketing

Network marketing gets a bad rap. I know it. And I agree… There can be some really crappy sales techniques Lies False promises People in it for the wrong reasons. For me though, network marketing has opened my eyes…it has taught me to not be so close-minded and judgmental. It has taught me to open

Another SNOW DAY means…

Schools are closed Preschools are closed Gyms are closed Banks are closed But do you know what’s ALWAYS open?! My home gym! Yup, 24/7, in rain, snow, sun, in every country of the world, my home gym is open for business! What I realized this morning is that if I didn’t have home workouts available


People said to me all the time “I love food though, I could never do what you do…” Huh?! Do you really think I don’t eat food?! I LOOVEEEE me some food…I’m not the best cook in the world and presentation is not my forté, hence there aren’t many food pics, but believe me…I AM